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1. Desawar ( देसावर)

5:15 AM

[95] = [12]

2. Faridabad (फरीदाबाद)

5:30 PM

[69] = [30]

3. Ghaziabad (गाजियाबाद)

7:00 PM

[97] = [26]

4. GALI (गली)

10:00 PM

[92] = [33]

Satta king is very big thing in the game of satta matka . Satta king only covers up few markets namely gali, disawar, faridabad , gaziabad only.
These markets are played mostly in north side in the game of satta matka. satta king tries to provide accurate matka results of the above mentioned markets.
satta king usually tries to deliver results in time and most accurate to our knowledge, You can trust sattaking for the results of all the markets and game played .
You can also get satta matka tips and satta matka charts namely gali charts, disawar charts , gaziabad charts , faridabad charts from the year 2013 to 2016 on the site . 

satta king provides results for the game satta. this game was first played 25 years ago somewhere in mumbai and from there satta becomes so popular that it started played in all parts of country, since last few years satta results have been opening online on satta king , since then its players had doubled in number. sattaking also provides a forum where people can guess about the number which will open today in satta king.
Well there are many guessers online, they commits that they will provide exact number which will open today but almost everyone of them is fake , they don't provide the exact number that will open today in satta king but they just try to guess , in retuen they will ask you for advance money.
So they are always on the safe side as they gets there money before guessing and here you comes in trouble as you loose the money that you had staked on that number plus the amount you gave to that person. so beware of such kind of person in satta matka market.