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1. Disawar ( देसावर)

5:15 AM

[74] = []

2. Faridabad (फरीदाबाद)

5:30 PM

[91] = []

3. Ghaziabad (गाजियाबाद)

7:00 PM

[77] = []

4. GALI (गली)

10:00 PM

[31] = []

What Is SattaKing ?

Sattaking is a site that was originated in year 2014, sattaking mainly focuses on providing you results for almost all markets like gali , disawar , upgameking , faridabad and almost all other markets . sattaking tries to provide result in time and accurate to our knowledge . sattaking mainly focuses on game satta matka that is game that depends on luck as well as brain . only risk that money that you are willing to loose because like any other gambling game it also have some drawbacks as well as plus points so while playing satta matka and sattaking you should have your mind open to win at this game . 

h4 This game was basically originated from mumbai by person name ratan khatri I guess , in sattaking you have to pick a number from 100 numbers and have to back that number with whatever amount you like, and if you are lucky enough to get your number open in satta king market then you will get amount multiplied by 90 like suppose you stake Rs 10 on number 51 and this number opens on that day in satta matka market then you will be getting Rs 10 multiplied by 90 that means Rs 900 . So seems exciting well wait , its not that easy in satta matka , you are having very low probability that your number will be coming today in sattaking market as the outcome can be any of the other 99 numbers that you have not backed. So to win at this sattaking you should have good amount of money so that you can try at least for 10 days and on more than one number in a day so you will have chance to win some good amount at least. That's all folks at last we would like to recommend that not to play this satta matka beyond your limits as its a game only and you may loose what you are having right now And don't forget to check out the satta matka charts.